Choice of colours for polish and brands to choose from O.P.I , Morgan Taylor , Cuccio , Essie , C.N.D.

Choice of colours for gel from Cuccio , B.F , Artistic ,O.P.I , Shellac

Mens Manicure Cuticle Care, Refine Ridges and Shape, Buff to a Natural Shine.

IBX SYSTEM Treatment Is a protective nail shield under all gel polish, You can wear it on its own to repair and grow your nails or under Gel, It creates a protective shield for the nail and repairs severe nail damage and to set the stage for growth , It toughens the nail plate to allow growth and fills up grooves to smooth the nail plate also improves natural nail colour and appearance.

B.F Coconut Spa CUCCIO Pedicure.

Full Cutical Work and Rough Skin Softened

Foot Soak in Coconut Scentual Sea Salt in a Foot Spa with Magnetic Therapy and Bubbling , Vibrating Massage.

Coconut Micro Exfoliation Scrub to give you a smooth and fresh feeling to your lower legs and will help to remove any dry or hard skin on the feet.

Foot and Half a leg Massage with Natural Coconut Oil, It absorbs quickly and makes skin feel incredibly silky and has wonderful antibacterial properties, which is good for the feet area.

To finish with a Coconut Hydrating Heel treatment.

Nails Buffed to a natural Healthy Shine

  • Gel Removal with mini nail care 45 mins £11.50
  • Gel Removal. with IBX Treatment 45 mins £15
  • B.F Mini Pedicure. File and Polish 30 mins £8
  • B.F Express Pedicure. Shape, Cuticles and Polish 45 mins £10
  • B.F Express Pedicure. Shape, Cuticles and Gel 45 mins £15
  • B.F coconut spa CUCCIO pedicure 1hr £19
  • B.F coconut spa CUCCIO pedicure. With Gel or Polish 1hr 15mins £25
  • IBX System Pedicure, with Gel 45 mins £21
  • B.F Delux CUCCIO pedicure, with Gel or Polish 1hr 15mins £25
  • B.F Delux CUCCIO heated pedicure, with Gel or Polish 1hr 30mins £29

Good to know
Consultation and aftercare with client 5 to 10 mins

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