Keen to enhance those eyelashes of yours? Do you want well-defined eyes and longer lashes? Eyelash extensions are a popular option in the beauty industry. The procedure involves gluing false lashes onto your natural eyelashes to make your eyelashes longer and thicker. An eyelash extension will add length to your natural lash, giving you the ‘wow factor’.

An eyelash extension is a safe procedure, and no doubt you’ll marvel at the results. The procedure offers an effective means of extending your natural eyelashes, enhancing the way in which your lashes frame your eyes. If you’re looking for eyelash extension services then you can find this service at Beauty Treatments Darlington.

For long, beautiful eyelashes we can help achieve the look you’re after. Easy, simple and effective, we can help you create the look you want for your eyes and eyelashes. With our eyelash extension service you can choose between Strip Lashes and Flare Cluster Lashes, with a choice of black or brown.

For a more dramatic, eye-defining look eyelash extensions are the answer.